May 24
Sallie Lowenstein and members of her young writers groups will be on
The Radio Hotline with Dennis Price
8-10 PM

June 11-July 31
Illustration from Clothed in Bark and Color Song
will be featured in an exhibition called
Turning the Page: The Art of Children’s Illustration
Strathmore Mansion,
Rockville, MD

June 16
Colorful Words, Telling Images: The Art of Illustrating the Book
A Talk at the Vienna Arts Club
Vienna, Virginia

July 25-August 5
Intensive Creative Writing Workshops for Teens
Montgomery College, Rockville Campus
For information, please contact Montgomery College’s Youth Programs Office

October 22
A Day of Writing with Authors:
This is a special program where passionate young authors (5th-11th grades) get to write in
workshops with traditionally published authors. This year the slate includes: Sneed B. Collard III
(Creative Science), Pam Ehrenberg (Realistic Fiction), Edwin Fontanez (Writng Myth),
Clarisse Hart (Poetry), Frank Lowenstein (Writing for the Environment),
Sallie Lowenstein (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Magical Realism),
Ellyn Wexler (Writing for the Arts).

November 27-December 18
An exhibit of the illustration from
Four More Days and Other Books by Sallie Lowenstein
Art at Penn Place
Garrett Park, MD


The Case for Backlist Books

In the past publishers were eager for a book to survive for years to come. The books that sold generation after generation, known as backlist, were the backbone of every publisher. Not so now. Today books are coming out willy-nilly, following so closely on the tails of previous books that the average shelf life of a print book is about 6 weeks to 3 months. And many older books, midlist and backlist titles, are being removed from print altogether.

I love books. I love reading them, imagining them, writing them, designing them, illustrating them and collecting them. I love the feel of paper in my hands. I love that as I turn the pages I create time and space, both in my mind and physically. I love that if older books are included, all of man’s history can be found in the pages of books. Sadly, many of the kids I work with in schools and writers’ groups, at events and in bookstores talk about how today’s books are like fan fiction—each one like the last one like the one before—endlessly. What they crave is the kind of richness and choice that backlist offers.

Backlist gives us perspective. We can look at the past, at how the future was imagined versus what it came to, and how it is imagined today. We can rediscover things that happened to people, understand ourselves in historical and societal contexts. From it we can understand how other cultures see things; how much women’s and men’s positions have changed since even the late 20th Century. We can both expand our perspectives and see how we were once limited, and perhaps the limits of today, as well. Without backlist books we have nearsighted tunnel-vision. Without backlist books, we limit our children’s experiences to what today’s major marketing committees decide they should read. And I for one do not want children to be limited in what they read by the demands of commerce. 
Sallie Lowenstein


Art Marks and Clothed in Bark are featured in Publishers Weekly: Artisanal Books in a Digital Age: http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/publisher-news/article/60066-lion-stone-artisanal-books-in-a-digital-age.html

Art Marks is reviewed by the National Center for Children’s Literature

Orion Magazine's Interview with sister/brother team
Sallie and Frank Lowenstein


Sallie Lowenstein is quoted in an article by Phillip Serrato, Professor of Children’s Literature at SDSU with a specialty in Hispanic literature. arteyloqueras.blogspot.com

Wolfley-O’s was included on a Publishers Weekly selective list for Bullying Resources as part of a feature article on bullying:

Recommendations for Production of a Book:
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Anderson International Printing Group
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For Top Flight Editing Services:
Lion Stone Books uses John Kenney. He does substantive editing, copy editing, proof-reading, fact checking and is excellent for academic books, dissertations and articles, as well as novels and nonfiction.
John Kenney jlkenney@gmail.com C. 240-688-7537

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Books by Sallie Lowenstein: The Photographist . Clothed in Bark . Art Marks . Geneses . Wolfley-O's . In The Company of Whispers

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